A better life
We improve the living conditions and education of children and thus increase their self-confidence, their dignity and their chances to make their own living later in life.

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Who we are
O.P.C. is a nonprofit organization supporting neglected children who are persecuted for political reason in the border region of Thailand and Myanmar. Their parents cannot care for them or lost their lives in the border dispute. In this region still prevails poverty repression and exploitation, of which children are the most affected.

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providing security
We help to create an environment that allows children to grow up safely, healthy and securely

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Our motto is: WE CARE!

Many of our children come from persecuted minorities, disadvantaged families or orphans. Through years of persecution, many children are malnourished, as rich in protein food is not available in adequate amounts. They are more susceptible to diseases and often handicapped in their cognitive development.

We want to help the children to grow up healthy and freely, in an environment and in a society that protects their rights and treats them with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender, origin or religion. The children should be enabled to live an independent life in the future. This implies not only basic education, but also the access to higher education.

Help us to make this vision come true- every Euro counts and the donations are passed on fully and directly to the projects without any commission.



Please remain faithful to us, the next project is on the horizon, and for this we need YOU!