Project – Kaw Dai Nation School in Myanmar

kaw dai nation School in Myanmar

Kaw Dai Nation School is located in Loi Dai Li Villiage in Karli Township, Shan State, Myanmar. From 1996 to 2000 there were severe military offensives causing many human right violations in this area. The Burmese military army tortured civilians of accusing people as spies. Crops could not be harvested, followed by hunger, roads were in bad conditions and schools were burnt down. Access to education was severely limited. Children hardly have any possibilities to attend school.

Today, there is only a government high school in Karli township and a few scattered elementary schools, which do not extend much beyond teaching basic literacy. These limitations resulted in many parents not encouraging their children to study. Older kids help supporting and raising the family.

The hopeful situation in Myanmar makes an impact to the parents. We observe that more and more parents send the children to school. Recent numbers from 2016 for Kaw Dai School showed a total of about 260 students and 22 teachers. We expect these numbers to increase significantly over time.
Before the new building was completed, the school had only six fairly equipped classrooms. Therefore, O.P.C. decided to support this important project as co-financier.

Now the school has four new fully furnished classrooms (furniture, blackboard, etc.). A quality learning environment for students will incentivise them to continue their education.
In addition four new toilets were built to ensure better hygiene for the children. By improving the safety and hygiene standards of the school, parents from the community are encouraged to allow their children to pursue education.

This teaching device would not exist without private donations. The political development gives great hope, but does not keep pace with the crowds of children after schooling. In order to receive state funds in the future, the municipality was involved in the planning and construction. The need is known to all, so the project is supported by the municipality with free labour. We also expect school attendance and literacy rates will increase and dropouts rates will subsequently decrease.
The project was professionally accompanied and every building section was documented. Construction began in October 2016 and the completion of the project was planned on schedule and completed in-line the proposed budget in April 2017. We received building reports, as well as a final report. The inauguration has now taken place. The children now learn in a reasonable and well equipped school environment and shape their future. Pictures can be admired in our picture gallery.

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We exclusively work honorary and unpaid, every sponsored Euro goes to the children!