Project – Loi Kaw Wan Kindergarten

Loi Kaw Wan kindergarten

This institutional project (from 2012 to 2016) was a kindergarten for about 20 Burmese refugee children currently in the Shan area, right on the border between Myanmar and northern Thailand. The members and donors of O.P.C. ensure healthy nutrition, warm clothes, skilled care by two kindergarten teachers, teaching and learning materials as well as medical assistance.

The kindergarten was established in 2002 and was part of the refugee camp sheltering around 3.000 people altogether. The great majority belong to the tribe of the Shan, the second largest ethnic group in Myanmar.


In the kindergarten the refugee children were cared for until the age of five. Some were orphans, many have fled from Myanmar with their families and suffer from traumatic experiences.
After kindergarten, the children have the opportunity to visit the camp’s primary school and later on the high school. Besides their native language Shan they learn the Thai and English language, as well as mathematics, geography and history. The acquired skill level gives them access a higher education.


On this project, we are successfully working together with a German partner organization.
The fortunate political development in Myanmar has positively affected our Kindergarden Loi Kaw Wan. Refuegees are not arriving anymore and many families have moved back to their homeland Myanmar. The on-site children have grown up and are attending school by now. Thus, there is no further need to support Loi Kaw Wan.

We exclusively work honorary and unpaid, every sponsored Euro goes to the children!