Project – Schoolbuilding in Mandalay

Schoolbuilding in Mandalay

For half a century the burmese population has been suffering under the repressive political conditions and ethnic conflicts of the country. In Myanmar’s cash-flow budget, education has not been given a high priority so far, the population has simply been neglected. Meanwhile, however, some positive trends can be identified.

While the state is offering a school education, this education is not free and not affordable for most. Moreover, Myanmar suffers from teacher shortages and an insufficient infrastructure. Traditionally, the monasteries are responsible for the education of the poor, and their only option.


The primary and secondary school near Mandalay, for which we have financed a school building with three classrooms in 2013, was also founded by a monk in 2009 and belongs to one of the main monasteries. Thanks to our donations more girls and boys are being taught by trained teachers there now.
The chairman, Maren Pfähler, visited the school building for its inauguration in December 2013. There was a happy mood and several speeches, including acceptance speeches to the german sponsors. The children assured to study hard. At the end of the ceremony, the chairwoman and the head of the monastery sent many colorful balloons with good wishes to the sky.
The building makes a solid impression. It’s built of stone with a steel roof structure and looks friendly and bright. There is a small library and two bathrooms, enough school desks, chairs and two black boards are also available. Many windows ensure proper ventilation – in the summer it can get up to 40 degrees.


We would like to thank our local partner organization for the excellent cooperation.

We exclusively work honorary and unpaid, every sponsored Euro goes to the children!